"I love pretty much anything jewel-toned, but if my arm was twisted I would say a combo of teal and purple".

TV Binge

"Grey's Anatomy and Lost!"

Way to Spend a Day Off

"Star-fished on my bed completely unplugged with some Grey's on Netflix -OR- BBQ and a giant glass of wine in the backyard".

Wedding Detail

"A sick ceremony backdrop, and a killer couple's table".

Mobile App

"Instagram - totally obsessed".

Place You've Visited

"Paris - I could live on baguettes and macaroons!"


"Mexican food...all day everyday".


"I am a sucker for the mellow, moody, yet fun stuff like Postal Service".


"Moscow Mule.  I've had them with vodka, but I'm really enjoying them with gin now!" 

Little Known Fact

"Erich and I met on a blind date in NYC.  It almost didn't happen because I kept putting it off- yikes! We bonded over the Walking Dead, and a love of delicious food- love at first bite".