"I had no idea I loved the color teal so much until my roommate and I drenched our Brooklyn apartment with it.  I've never looked back".

TV Binge

"Game of Thrones, of course.  I've read and re-read all the books and now I've watched and re-watched the show multiple times.  I also have to throw Breaking Bad in there, it's just too perfect to leave out!"


"True Romance by Quentin Tarantino.  Deep cut, but it has everything: love, guns, great music".

Day off

"You can't beat a cold can of beer with great company and music.  I'm also a movie nerd and I am always game to go see a flick".

Wedding Detail

"Lighting!  I'm a sucker for ambiance.  I love bulb lights outdoors, and candle light at the dinner tables".

Mobile App

"I'm a Philly boy, born and bred.  I have to say my favorite app on my phone is the official Philadelphia Eagles app.  Boring perhaps, but I consume every ounce of news about my football team.  FLY EAGLES FLY!"

Place You've Visited

"Italy.  Siena was my favorite! the small walkways, beautiful piazza, and the view from the bell tower in Piazza Del Campo was breathtaking...I'll never forget it)"


"I can always eat sushi.  If it were socially acceptable to eat sushi for breakfast I would do so everyday".


"I LOVE Junip (the lead singer is solo artist Jose Gonzalez), Broken Bells (lead singer is James Mercer from the Shins), Foster the People, Phoenix, the Black Keys.  Also, anything that Jack White touches is perfection".


"Caipirinha - Brazilian Cachaca, sugar, muddled lime".

Little Known Fact

"I was blessed by a saint!!  ...well, ok John Paul II was only a pope back in 2004, and he blessed my entire high school choir, but still...I was blessed by a saint!"