The only guy in the group, Erich’s passion for theatre production extended seamlessly into his passion for launching Whimsy Weddings with Tatiana. He’s both kind and caring, driven and sensitive, and he has a knack for becoming friends with everyone he meets. Though his roles of Owner, Business Manager, and Web Master keep our operations running smoothly (and wedding lights hung!), his most prized role at Whimsy Weddings shouldn’t come as a surprise.

Erich is our Relationship Rock Star.

After one meeting with Erich, you will walk away feeling as though you have just met your new best friend. Brides and grooms invite him to their next event, and families want him to become a member. At weddings, Erich relishes in the moment when he can take a step back to catch a glimpse of a packed dance floor filled with couples, families, and friends having a wonderful time together. Simply put, he wants everyone to leave a wedding day filled with memories.

A graduate of Wake Forest University and product of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, Erich has always been passionate about comic books and movies – all of them. He strives to keep his geek and wedding tanks filled simultaneously.